Let your magic shine through.

An entire day dedicated to building your brand and embracing your individual spirit through photography & videography.

The alchemy of my 10 years of working in the creative industry. Beautiful art loaded with strategy, story, and intention.

Our creative team will spend six hours moving through different locations and scenes to create tons of variety to share your unique vision and story. Includes breaks for rest, fresh air, and nourishment.

This 6-hour day is a space to celebrate YOU. My creative team of artists, stylists, and hair/make-up artists are here to focus solely on you and bring the fullness of your vision to life.

This day was designed specifically for                                  you.

Looking ahead to the next 6-12 months to batch create photo & video that will support you in sharing the heart & soul of your business?

Total cost.

Total cost: $4444

Your investment includes any travel expenses to get our creative team to you!

New England Travel costs

I provide us with a selection of healthy snacks & beverages (guided by your preferences) to sustain us through our time together. We have routine breaks scheduled for us to take a breath of fresh air, take a sip of water, and come back to our creative center.


Think: mobile content done WELL. One of our artist’s main focus is capturing epic mobile photo & video sharing all the magic going on behind the scenes. We AirDrop the footage to you before we wrap for you to use however you like. Then, you receive an edited BTS Reel to share with your community so they can get just as excited about your shoot as we are!

ONe behind the scenes reel

While we move through the scenes on our day, we have space to create one high-impact Reel for your Instagram. Our Creative Mastermind call reveals the strategy for how to supercharge your Reel game and create something really memorable for your community! This includes one 30-second Instagram Reel, edited by yours truly.

ONe instagram reel

Our Creative Mastermind call kicks off our brainstorm for creating maximum impact with a professional brand video for your business. I'm here to provide creative brainstorm support and social media strategy for how we can most efficiently position the investment in your new brand video. This is a great piece to make your website stand out and help your community really see you.

1-2 Minute brand video

The big day! We arrive feeling clear, confident, & ready. Our creative team begins supporting you before the photoshoot begins with styling support, hair & makeup, and nourishment to support us through our time together. We create a unique game plan for you on how to maximize these 3 hours between the different scenes & locations of the day. Includes 200+ high resolution images delivered to you in a curated gallery with printing rights.

3-Hour Photoshoot
with 200+ high-res images

Your creative genius leads the way. Through our Creative Mastermind, we create clarity for the scenes & locations we need to express your creative vision. Then, I create a schedule and game plan for how we'll maximize our time together. We share this with our creative team so everyone is on the same page before we even arrive on set. We want the day to flow seamlessly and for you to feel guided throughout our time together.

Creative Direction
& Producing

Our collaboration opens with space for creating clarity around our intentions, goals, and strategy for how we can squeeze all the juice out of our time together and deliver an end product you are proud to call your own.

Creative Mastermind Call


Hair / make-up artist
starting at $175

Studio rental fees.
*if applicable to your project (generally ranges from $50-$200/hr)


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