explore what it feels like

BEING witnessed for
all that you are.

"when do you feel seen?"

And when I say seen, I mean…fully seen. For your imperfections. For your greatness. For your light and the shadows in between.

I love this question dearly. Because in asking you how you see yourself – I bear witness to your heart. Your genuine voice.

Not your script.

What matters more to me than capturing beautiful images, is the depth of the experience we co-create. Because it’s the energy that we bring into our photoshoot that becomes recorded in history as this timeless art piece of who you are today.

It is deeply important to me to offer you more than just a photoshoot experience.

It is deeply important that my process empowers us to create a container together, to explore the sensation of what it feels like to be truly seen for all that we are.

I do this through photography.

So, how is my process uniquely *me*?

my process.

First, I love to get to know you. Ideally, in a sunny coffee shop window seat with lattes in hand and white empty pages to dream on. 

We begin with your Mission and Vision. This is my process for uncovering the mission behind the vision of your unique way of showing up in this world. Because through taking inventory of where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re going, we arrive in a place of deep clarity and inspiration for co-creating what’s next.

From here, we take direction.

We use our reflections and insights to draw inspiration on blank canvases. We play. We listen to that soft voice of our inner child whispering, “can we play with glitter?” (the answer is yes to glitter, always.)

This process of learning about you allows us to arrive on the day of our shoot feeling thoughtfully clear. We feel inspired. We feel ready to co-create magic.

Then, sister, it’s all about you. We take a moment to drop in. Do you want to meditate before we start? Or maybe what really gets you going is a little 2000’s boyband dance party? Either way, I’m here for it.

And then, we find ourselves in the moment, where magic really begins breathing life into us. You catch yourself jamming out to your favorite music, laughing, whipping your hair around – aware simultaneously that you are being photographed, and that you’re having fun.

Documenting the seasons of our growth does not have to be this buttoned-up, nerve-wracking, “branded” professional version of our Self. In fact, it shouldn’t be

Because you are more than that.

You deserve to be seen. For all that you are. The woman who is equal parts professional, and silly, light and dark, the imperfect, sassy, sensual, raw, real, genuinely herSELF. You deserve to be all of you.

And I am here, to witness you. 

So, are you ready?